Here is a closer look at some of our lessons

Each of our app's lessons fit into one of these four categories.

Language skills



Social skills

Our app takes a novel approach to everyday clinical lessons

Sustained attention

The capacity to sustain attention is often an area of struggle for children with autism. Poor executive functioning, and the high level of comorbidity with ADHD in children with autism, has brought sustained attention front and center in ABA therapy. Early age practice with sustained attention can permanently help children with attention throughout their lives. Our app is, to our knowledge and surprise, the only app on market with a lesson of this kind.

Eye contact

Eye contact is a consistently aversive lesson, in the home and in the clinic. Eye contact benefits social relationships, and increases emotional comprehension across lifespan, or the increased social information picked up across the span of childhood. The cutting edge of eye contact desensitization is now mainly based on early childhood interventions with virtual reality or video game based eye contact training. Abstract cartoon characters simply do not activate the same amygdala based fight or flight (panic) or septo-hippocampal neurosis (anxiety). Technology has had a clear evidence-based advantage over real world techniques within exposure therapy since the mid 1980's with the invention of virtual reality therapy. We simply bring some of this to clients with autism.

Many more

Our lessons make common therapeutic techniques affordable. There is no need to pay thousands of dollars a month for lessons that should have been made freely available years ago. It is nothing short of an absolute moral failing on a societal level to allow tens of thousands of children with autism without access to these lessons. Autastic Education is on it's way to change that.